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Sinoroader LB3000 Asphalt Mixing Plant is used for 700km high-speed construction in Ethiopia
October 20th,2020 Gonder


1. The Sinoroader LB3000 asphalt mixing plant project conforms to the Ethiopian industrial development policy and planning requirements, as well as the industrial layout and structural adjustment policies of the asphalt mixing station in the Gonder economic new area; the construction of the project will promote the industrial structure, The adjustment and optimization of technical structure, organizational structure, and product structure have a positive promotion significance.

2.Cutler Road and Bridge Construction Co., Ltd. plans to build an “asphalt mix station project” to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets. The construction of this phase of the project can effectively promote the economic development of the Gonder Economic New Zone and provide 525 jobs for the society The total annual production tax payment is 25.422 million yuan, which can promote the prosperity and development of the regional economy of the Gonder Economic New Area and social stability, and make a positive contribution to local fiscal revenue.

3.The annual investment profit rate of the project reaching production capacity is 42. 26%, and the investment profit tax rate is 49.85%.

The total investment return rate is 31.70%, the total investment recovery period is 4.65 years, and the fixed assets The investment recovery period is 4.65 years (including the construction period), and the project has strong profitability and Anti-risk ability.

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