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The design of LB2000 pitch mixer

 In order to improve the processing efficiency and quality of the products ,satisfied the specific processing demand,this subject designs the overall structure of studying LB2000 pitch mixer,make this pitch mixer reach better result of use under the same demand.The structure is more simple and more conveni ent, and more convenient to use. Design according to the process,The principle with highly centralized process is adopted in the design.


The whole overall arrangement scheme of the mixer is conf irmed.The transmission route of the electrical machinery is designed,use optimize the method and assign the part is optimized. The parameter of the transmission is decided, the structure of the axle is designed,the intensity of carrying on such relevant parts as gear wheel,bearing,etc. is checked and calculated. The mixer adopts the programmable controlled and manual control method to combine together according to omputer, which improved the working efficiency security greatly,and realizes the designing requirement better.
This asphalt mixer has fine stirs the performance remarkable economical per f ormance outstanding quality and the stable reliable characteristic, the modular design,the transportation installment fast: The modulation and fast installs the system technology the use,the command transports and the ins tallment changes even more quickly. Now the asphalt mixer already overcame :has been unable the question which added the powder material and the asphalt got older, simul taneously because had the production equipment simply, the ability was big; But it still had the shortcoming which some difficulty with overcame,mainly had the material to be unable to achieve forced to stir the station the precise degree; The precision error quite is big; Contains the dust,the water ultra to the raw material,limits the material size request quite to be strict.

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