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Overview and description of use of asphalt mixing plant

With the continuous growth of my country's economy, asphalt pavement will be used in the process of highway construction, which is very important for the development of my country's transportation industry.

The quality of asphalt concrete and pavement is directly related to the quality of asphalt pavement. In the construction of asphalt concrete, mixing equipment will be used. At present, the batch asphalt mixing plant is mainly used. This article gives a detailed introduction to the working principle and mixing control of the asphalt mixing plant and explains it. Methods of trouble shooting during work.


At present, my country's road construction has been greatly improved, the grade of roads is also increasing, and there are higher and higher requirements for quality. Therefore, when using asphalt pavement, we must ensure the quality of the road surface. The quality of the asphalt pavement will be affected by the performance of the mixing equipment.

In work, some faults often occur in intermittent mixing plants, so effective measures must be taken to deal with the faults, so that the asphalt mixing plant can operate normally, so as to ensure the quality of the asphalt pavement.

Asphalt mixture mixing equipment mainly includes two types, namely batch and continuous. At present, batch mixing equipment is often used in my country. When the central control room issues a command, the aggregates of the cold bin will automatically enter the hot bin, and then weigh the materials, and then put the materials into the mixing tank according to the specified proportion, and then mix them. After the finished product is formed, the material is finally unloaded on the transport truck, and then put into use.

This process is the working principle of the batch mixing plant. Intermittent asphalt mixing plants can effectively control the transportation and drying of aggregates and even the transportation of asphalt.

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