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What are the main tasks involved in the establishment of mobile asphalt mixing plant?
The establishment of mobile asphalt mixing plant mainly includes site selection, planning and construction, demolition, commissioning and operation of asphalt mixing plant.
1. Site selection of mobile asphalt mixing plant
The site selection of the mixing plant shall not only consider the impact on the surrounding residents and environment, but also consider the economic rationality. Therefore, during site selection, the following factors shall be considered:
(1) The distance between the location of the mixing plant and the asphalt pavement paving construction site is reasonable. It is best to build it near the midpoint of the construction bid section for convenient transportation, so as to save the transportation cost of finished materials and improve economic benefits. At the same time, consider whether the water and electricity sources are convenient.
(2) There should be a certain distance from residential areas and ecological crop areas to minimize the impact of noise and smoke on the surrounding environment, avoid unnecessary environmental complaints, and establish a good construction image and corporate image.

(3) The site can provide enough space for the placement, storage and driving operation of the mixing plant, with good geological conditions and the lowest cost of site leveling and solidification.


2. Site planning and construction of mobile asphalt mixing plant
The site planning of the mixing plant shall be scientific and reasonable to maximize the utilization and effectiveness of the site and meet the production demand as much as possible. The following factors shall be comprehensively considered in site planning:
(1) Placement of asphalt mixing plant. The asphalt mixing plant shall be placed in the section with relatively solid geology in the site as far as possible to reduce the workload of site curing and ensure that the bearing capacity of concrete meets the design requirements.
(2) Planning and construction of stockyard. According to the variety requirements of the produced asphalt concrete mixture, the stockyard shall be reasonably divided to ensure that the interval is reasonable and can meet the requirements of different varieties. Meanwhile, identification and isolation measures shall be taken between different stacking areas to avoid mixed stacking of materials of different specifications, which will affect the production progress and finished product quality. The foundation of the stacking area shall be solidified to prevent slipping and sinking of the driving and reduce dust.
(3) Planning of driving routes of raw material transportation vehicles, finished material transportation vehicles and production loading routes. Under the conditions allowed by the site, cross operation of vehicles shall be avoided as far as possible to improve vehicle turnover speed and driving safety.

(4) Ensure proper distance between equipment and components. For example, the asphalt tank shall be placed as close as possible to the electronic metering scale in the mixing building, so as to reduce the pipeline distance, save the pipeline construction cost and ensure that the asphalt circulating pump has sufficient head.


3. Demolition of asphalt mixing plant
Generally, in the process of establishing mobile asphalt mixing plant, the demolition speed of asphalt mixing plant is the key factor to determine the establishment progress. In order to complete the demolition of the mixing plant economically and quickly, the key is to do a good job in three aspects:
(1) Formulate a detailed and scientific demolition plan. Plan the disassembly and assembly sequence of the mixing plant according to the characteristics of the equipment.
(2) Select the appropriate disassembly team. The technical level of the disassembly and assembly team directly affects the disassembly and assembly progress of the mixing plant.
(3) Strengthen the on-site regulation and reasonably arrange the disassembly and assembly machinery and personnel, so that the disassembly and assembly process consumes the least manpower and machine shift.
(4) Do a good job in equipment transportation safety to ensure that the equipment is not damaged and parts are not missing.
4. Commissioning and commissioning of asphalt mixing plant
Commissioning can be carried out after the installation of asphalt mixing plant is completed. Firstly, pressure test shall be carried out on the pipeline to ensure that there is no leakage at all welds of the pipeline and between the heat transfer oil pipeline and the asphalt pipeline. If leakage is found, it shall be repaired in time and pressure test shall be carried out again until no leakage is found. Secondly, the mixing plant shall be fully maintained, and the necessary reliability testing shall be carried out for the power supply system and control system. Then, power on and test run each mechanical part in the way of inching control to see whether the control effectiveness and the rotation direction of each motor are correct. After all inching controls are successful, the test run of the whole mixing plant shall be carried out by means of automatic control. Then, the validity and accuracy of electronic metrology scale are verified and calibrated. Finally, the aggregate screening test and grading design are carried out, and the sample production is carried out. The finished material can be put into production after passing the inspection.

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