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LB Series Asphalt Mixing Equipment with Finished Warehouse Bottom

Asphalt mixture mixing equipment, the finished product warehouse is based on the original asphalt mixing plant, and the original finished product warehouse is moved to the bottom of the mixing building. The bottom of the finished product warehouse has many advantages: under the same configuration, it occupies a small area, has a fast feeding speed, and can choose multiple bins, which makes the commercialization of asphalt materials more convenient, eliminating the need for a hoist for lifting the finished material, etc. . Therefore, the bottom-mounted asphalt mixing equipment for finished products has been recognized by more and more industries and favored by customers.


1. Drying system: high thermal efficiency and less energy consumption

Innovative use of software joint simulation technology to optimize the design of the lifting blade structure of the drying drum, optimize the optimal residence time of the material, ensure the heating temperature of the aggregate, make the aggregate form a uniform curtain, and control the temperature of the exhaust gas to be maintained at 90 ~ 110 Between , the drum can achieve high heat exchange, and the exhaust gas will neither condense nor lose fuel due to excessive temperature. The thermal efficiency is as high as 90%, and the energy consumption is reduced by 15%.

2. Dust removal system: intelligent dust removal to ensure safety

Step-by-step rotary backflushing, intelligent control of the cleaning frequency, the effective operating area of NOMEX filter bags can be as high as 98%, reaching the European standard emission (<20mg / Nm³), achieving the stability of the negative pressure in the drum, and thus ensuring the production of asphalt mixture quality.

3. Mixing system: wear-resistant and durable, increase speed and reduce consumption

The wear-resistant parts imported from Sweden, manufactured by Seiko, are used for a long service life. The technology of simulation and optimization of material movement and stirring speed is used to ensure complete homogeneity of each pot, stable quality control of the finished product, and stirring efficiency increased by 10% compared with the traditional structure.

4. Powder supply system: two-pronged approach to improve security

Nanfang Road Machine Design: Continuous material level meter + high resistance rotation material level meter, double guarantee the smooth progress of powder supply system.

5. Demand customization: varies according to needs Maximizing benefits

Nanfang Road Machinery provides production solution design. Customers can choose appropriate configurations according to actual needs, local conditions and needs, and purchase corresponding configurations to help companies maximize profits.

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