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Construction Principle of Emulsified Asphalt Equipment

The emulsified asphalt equipment is mainly used to thermally melt the asphalt, and the asphalt is dispersed in water with very small particles to form emulsion. Nowadays, more soap liquid blending tanks are equipped, so that the soap liquid can be alternately blended to ensure uninterrupted feeding of the soap liquid into the colloid mill.

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The emulsified asphalt equipment mainly adopts high-grade PLC control core, equipped with imported inverters, and realizes terminal control through touch screen human-machine interface; dynamic metering enables the asphalt and emulsion to output in a stable ratio to ensure the quality of emulsified asphalt products. In addition, the three-stage high-speed shearing machine used in the emulsified asphalt equipment is equipped with nine pairs of rotating stator shearing discs in one main machine, and the fineness is up to 0.5um-1um, accounting for more than 99%; the asphalt pump adopts domestic brand insulated three-screw pump .

Our emulsified asphalt equipment can be used freely according to the needs of customers, and can produce modified asphalt and emulsified asphalt.

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