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Research on On-site Thermal Regeneration Technology of SBS Modified Asphalt Pavement

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's highway construction, some of the early-built road sections have entered the stage of large and medium repair. Asphalt pavement regeneration technology that can make full use of waste materials and effectively save engineering investment has attracted more and more attention.

The matrix asphalt pavement regeneration technology has been successfully applied in China, and high-grade road pavement structures are increasingly paved with modified asphalt SMA mixtures with better performance. In contrast, modified asphalt The research on pavement regeneration technology is seriously lagging behind. Many modified pavement regeneration still use the regeneration technology of matrix asphalt, which is extremely unreasonable.


In the on-site thermal regeneration project of the expressway, the laboratory test part of the modified asphalt SMA mixture regeneration technology was studied to find out the suitable method for the modified asphalt pavement regeneration.

First of all, the existing shortcomings and shortcomings of existing asphalt extraction and recovery methods are systematically summarized, the main factors affecting the performance index of asphalt recovery are identified, and the applicability of the current methods to modified asphalt recovery is studied. Through comprehensive improvement of the original test method, a representative sample that can truly reflect the performance of the asphalt in the original mixture is finally obtained. In order to further explore the aging and regeneration mechanism of modified asphalt, this study elaborated the aging mechanism of modified asphalt by comparing the changes in chemical composition and physical properties of asphalt before and after aging; and starting from the asphalt component adjustment theory and compatibility theory, Put forward the regeneration theory of modified asphalt. Evaluate the influence of traditional regenerant on the performance of modifier through asphalt test index, and explore the feasibility of secondary modification in the process of modified asphalt regeneration

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