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Intelligent asphalt distributor technical advantages

The asphalt distributor produced by Henan Sinoroader Heavy Industry Corporation uses a special chassis, and is equipped with a patented technology device---high temperature resistant clutch on the external power output shaft to ensure zero-start asphalt sprayer. Use the chassis engine and external power supply to realize the heating function to reduce diesel consumption. The industrial computer can correct various parameters according to the changes of construction conditions, so as to accurately control the flow rate of the asphalt pump, and the spreading amount error can be controlled within ±1.5%.


The product is equipped with a gravity emptying device, which can completely empty the residual asphalt in the tank without starting the asphalt pump. The middle sprinkler pipe is equipped with a balance device to prevent the spreading rods on both sides from sagging during construction. Equipped with a water spray device to prevent asphalt from sticking to the tire during construction. After the construction is completed, high-pressure air and a small amount of diesel can be used to completely empty the residual asphalt in the pipeline, which is convenient and fast and saves energy.

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