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The Role Of Emulsified Asphalt In Road Construction And Maintenance

The excellent characteristics of emulsified asphalt:

1. Wide range of uses

   Emulsified asphalt has a very wide range of applications. It can be used for large-area sealing layer removal, and can also be used for small-scale pothole repair work. Because they can be stored in storage tanks for a long time, it is very easy and convenient to use rollers to spread the cloth when used in remote areas. 

2. Easy to use

   Specialized emulsion spreading requires specialized equipment, such as a spreader. However, for small-area emulsion applications, you can directly use manual watering and hand-spreading, such as small-area pit repair work, cracks and joint fillers, etc., a small amount of cold-mixed mixture only requires basic equipment. For example, a watering can with a baffle and a shovel can be used for small-area seals and crack repairs, and applications such as filling potholes in the pavement with the filling pot repair method are simple and easy.


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