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Experience and suggestions on quality control of concrete mixing plant
Concrete quality inspection is indispensable in concrete quality management and control, and it is the main means to ensure concrete quality. It plays an important role in the whole process of concrete production, transportation and construction. Its main functions are as follows:
1. Control five levels and supervise three inaccuracies: raw material inspection, mix proportion design, measurement, concrete mixing time, slump and strength; Unqualified materials are not allowed to be used, equipment with inaccurate measurement is not allowed to be produced, and unqualified concrete is not allowed to leave the factory to ensure that the concrete meets the quality requirements.

2. Take random samples in strict accordance with the specifications, make test blocks and report truthfully, so as to truly guide production.


3. Do a good job in advance control and prevent quality accidents. Through the quality inspection of raw materials and fresh concrete and the quality supervision of the whole production process, grasp the quality dynamics of concrete in time, find problems in time, and take measures to deal with them in time, so as to prevent engineering quality accidents and keep the quality of concrete in a stable state.
4. Feedback information, through the analysis and sorting of inspection data, master the quality and change law of concrete, and provide necessary information and basis for improving concrete mix proportion design, ensuring concrete quality, making full use of admixtures and admixtures, reducing cost and strengthening management.
5. Strengthen quality training, improve the technical level and quality awareness of operators, enhance the sense of responsibility, and ensure the qualified concrete quality. The technical personnel and operators of the concrete mixing plant shall be regularly provided with focused technical training, which will undoubtedly have an obvious effect on saving costs, improving benefits and further ensuring concrete quality.
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