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What are the advantages and disadvantages of pavement maintenance at the micrometer?
The micro-surface is a mixture formed by stone chips or sand, fillers, modified asphalt and other materials evenly spread on the road surface of the sealing layer, which can fill the ruts of the road surface, improve the force state of the road surface, delay the development of the ruts, have a certain water sealing effect, can slow down the development of road water damage, potholes, loose and other diseases, and improve the anti-slip performance of the road surface.

1) Short construction period: When the road surface at the micro-meter is maintained, the traffic can be opened 2h after the maintenance construction is completed, which effectively avoids the traffic jam problem.


2) Improve road safety performance: For asphalt pavement that has not occurred structural damage, only mild cracks, water leakage and poor oil and other diseases, the use of micro-surface technology for maintenance can improve the flatness of the pavement, improve the ability to resist water damage, and also has a high coefficient of friction, improving driving safety.
3) Energy saving: there is no need to reheat the asphalt, and the asphalt can be used for construction when it reaches the specified temperature.
4) Small environmental pollution: The general micro-surface pavement maintenance can be constructed at room temperature, avoiding the environmental pollution caused by the high temperature emission of toxic gases from modified asphalt.
5) Driving noise: In the process of driving, the aerodynamic force between the road surface and the tire at the micrometer with a large construction depth will produce a large pump suction noise.
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