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What are the reasons for the unstable output and low production efficiency of asphalt mixing plants?
In asphalt pavement construction, asphalt mixing plant is the key equipment to ensure construction quality and improve efficiency. In the construction and production, the phenomenon of unstable output of asphalt mixing plant and low equipment production efficiency is often encountered. The equipment production capacity is seriously insufficient, and the actual production capacity is far lower than the equipment specification capacity, resulting in equipment waste and low efficiency. The main reasons for such failures are as follows:
1. Improper mix ratio of asphalt concrete.

Asphalt concrete mix ratio, target mix ratio and production mix ratio. The target mix ratio controls the conveying ratio of sand and gravel cold material, and the production mix ratio is the mixing ratio of various types of sand and stone in the finished asphalt concrete material specified in the design. The production mix ratio is determined by the laboratory, which directly determines the field grading standard of the finished asphalt concrete. The target mix ratio is set to further ensure the production mix ratio, and can be adjusted appropriately in production according to the actual situation. When the target mix ratio or production mix ratio is not suitable, the stone materials stored in each measurement of the mixing station are disproportionate, some overflowing materials, some other materials, cannot be weighed in time, and the mixing tank is idling, reducing the output.


2. The gradation of sand and stone is unqualified.
Each specification of sand and stone has a gradation range. If the feed control is not strict, and the gradation is seriously out of range, a large amount of "waste" will be generated, and the measurement bin cannot be measured in time. This not only results in low yield, but also wastes a lot of raw materials.
3. The water content of sand and stone is too high.
The production capacity of the drying cylinder of the asphalt mixing plant matches the equipment model. When the water content in the sand and stone is too high, the drying capacity will decrease, and the amount of sand and gravel provided to the metering bin to reach the set temperature per unit time will be less, so Reduced production.
4. The fuel combustion value is low. The asphalt mixing plant has certain requirements for burning oil. Generally, diesel oil, heavy diesel oil or heavy oil is used. During construction, it is cheap, and sometimes mixed oil is used. This oil has low combustion value and low heat, which seriously affects the heating capacity of the drying cylinder.
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