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Use and maintenance of road construction machinery
1. Establish a sound and reasonable equipment use procedure: Before using the equipment, the operator should train the technical knowledge and practical operation basic skills of the equipment's structure, performance, safe operation, maintenance requirements, etc., so as to improve the maintenance ability of the equipment. Tests for technical knowledge and use and maintenance knowledge are conducted, and those who pass the test can only work with the certificate after obtaining the operation certificate.

2. Implement the system of appointing people and machines for road construction machinery: the use of equipment should be strictly based on job responsibilities, and the system of appointing people and machines should be implemented to ensure the correct use of equipment and the implementation of daily maintenance work.

 3. Strictly abide by the operating rules: Strict operating discipline, the operation precautions and maintenance requirements for improving the use of the equipment are listed separately. The operating rules of the equipment are displayed next to the equipment with striking boards, and the signs require the operator to pay special attention.


After a long-term use of the machine, due to the wear and tear of parts and corrosion, the reduction or deterioration of the lubricating oil, the loosening or displacement of the fasteners, etc., will lead to the reduction of the power, economy and reliability of the machine, increase of consumption, and even failure and damage. And make the whole machine incapacitated. The maintenance of machinery is aimed at reducing the wear rate of parts and eliminating hidden dangers of failure, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machinery and prolong the service life. Specifically, the main functions of mechanical maintenance are as follows: to keep the machinery in a good state, so as to improve the integrity rate and utilization rate of the machinery. Under the conditions of reasonable use, it will not stop due to damage in the middle. In the process of use, the operation will not be affected by the accident of the machine. Make the technical condition of each assembly part of the machine balanced, and reach the overhaul interval. This enables lubricants, tires and spare parts to reach a low consumption level and improve economic benefits.
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