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What are the advantages of asphalt pavement?
December 23, 2022
Advantage 01: Driving on asphalt roads is more comfortable, and driving is not tiring.
The surface layer of the asphalt road is relatively soft, and driving on the asphalt road will feel particularly comfortable, just like people stepping on a soft floor mat with bare feet, the driver will not feel tired after driving for a long time.
Moreover, the friction of the asphalt pavement is very good, and it will not slip like cement pavement in rainy and snowy weather. It can greatly improve the grip of the vehicle, and it also has a certain degree of shock absorption. , it will not produce too much noise, and it will not stir up dust. It is clean and hygienic, and it is very suitable for travel.

Advantage 02: The construction period of asphalt pavement is relatively short and will not affect urban traffic.

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Now paving asphalt on roads is not poured manually, but directly by machines. A paver in the front lays the material, followed by one or several road rollers for rolling. The work efficiency is very high, which can shorten the entire construction period. It can also reduce labor costs.
Compared with cement pavement pouring and water spray maintenance, asphalt pavement can really save a lot of time, so it is used to build expressways, mainly because it is hoped that it can be opened to traffic as soon as possible, speed up the progress of the project, and save time and cost .
Advantage 03: Asphalt pavement has a certain landscape and looks more beautiful.
Asphalt pavement is generally black, of course, asphalt pavement in some schools is mostly colored (colored asphalt materials are used). The black asphalt road gives people a calm feeling, and the driver will feel more at ease when driving on it.
In addition, the asphalt pavement looks like a whole piece, unlike the cement pavement, which is spliced one piece at a time, and sometimes the color is uneven. The asphalt pavement looks very beautiful, so it is especially suitable for Expressways and main roads in some cities and communities look particularly high-end.
Advantage 04: The post-maintenance of asphalt pavement is particularly convenient.
The material of asphalt can be recycled, so it is very convenient to use asphalt to pave the road for later maintenance. If the asphalt pavement is crushed by the wheels, maintenance workers pour asphalt on the crushed place, and it can be used after flattening and cooling. The whole maintenance work does not need to take too long.
Therefore, asphalt pavement is especially suitable for highways, because its repair method is simple and fast, without blocking the entire road, and normal use can be guaranteed after simple repairs.
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