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What are the advantages of using a bag filter in an asphalt mixing plant?
February 2, 2022

Asphalt mixing plant is an equipment device for producing and manufacturing various asphalt concrete, and is the main equipment for road construction and maintenance. The asphalt mixing station heats and sieves during the stone drying process. During the whole mixing process, a certain amount of smoke and dust will be generated. If the smoke and dust are discharged immediately, it will cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment and cause harm to the surrounding residents and food crops. Therefore, it is necessary to use the bag filter of the asphalt concrete mixing plant to filter out the dust, so that the discharged smoke and dust can meet the environmental protection standard.


Features of bag filter for asphalt mixing plant:
1. The bag filter has a high dust removal efficiency, the dust removal effect can reach more than 99%, and the sedimentation ratio of more than 0%.5μm smoke and sludge is more than 99.99%.
2. It has a wide range of applications and can be used in different types of asphalt mixing plants to solve exhaust problems.
3. Strong adaptability, flexible application, and great extensibility in actual operation. Dust removal bags with different functions can be used for different kinds of natural materials such as diesel engines, fuel oil, residual oil, coal, etc. Moreover, when the concentration of gas and dust in the channel changes greatly, there is little harm to the dust removal efficiency.
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