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Working principle of electrical control system of asphalt mixing plant

The electrical control system is one of the core parts of the entire asphalt mixing equipment, and its running stability affects the performance of the entire equipment.


The electrical control system consists of a host computer, a burner control system, a programmable control system, an ingredient metering control system, an asphalt heating and conveying system, an aerodynamic system, and other components. The upper computer system adopts two sets of commercial computers, which are equipped with Siemens communication card (CP-5613), FAMEVIEW configuration software (FAMEVIEW), Siemens STEP 7 programming software; the lower computer adopts Siemens S7-300 series PLC modules, including CPU, I / O input and output, analog input and output, PROFIBUS communication card, etc .; the entire system has dual-machine dual-control function, even if-computer fails, the device can still operate as usual.


The system uses the concept of fully integrated automation control. All I / O signals and analog signals enter the PLC module and are connected to two sets of host computers through the main pulse of PROFIBUS; the entire control is concentrated in the S7-300 PLC, so that the control of each part can be well connected Together, realize automatic control.


In order to achieve the high reliability of the system, this system uses a series of inverters produced by the German SEW (or SIMENS) company, and uses PROFIBUS direct control, which improves the stability of the system.

The system can complete all the control functions required for the operation of the mixing equipment such as the control of each working state and the data management of the batching measurement. At the same time, it has perfect protection measures, which can monitor the running status of each part in real time on the host computer interface and make corresponding instructions.


Considering the influence of the capacity of the transformer power supply, the distance of the incoming line, etc. on the voltage drop, the cross-sectional specifications should be changed accordingly.

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