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Maintenance of asphalt storage tank

The asphalt mixing plant is composed of many systems, with high professional and technical requirements. The asphalt tank is also a very critical part, whether in manufacturing, debugging or installation, all need to be operated according to the actual application needs of users.

In addition, the maintenance of asphalt tanks in asphalt mixing plant must also be managed by professional personnel who must strictly follow all safety rules. Prior to operation, the relevant requirements must be mastered and the provisions and safety instructions for storage and treatment of hot asphalt shall be taken as the basis.


First, we know that temperature is a very important factor in asphalt quality. Therefore, the temperature of asphalt tank in asphalt mixing station must be controlled well. The control process is completed by electric valve, bellows stop valve and thermostat. Temperature can be measured by contact thermometer, which is generally installed in front of hot oil pipeline, and is equipped with manual control for emergency. Note that during operation, it is necessary to ensure that all asphalt tanks can be monitored and adjusted separately. Each asphalt tank is equipped with overflow parts, and there are sound alarm and alarm display lights in the control room. During the process of heating asphalt in asphalt tank, the stop valve of the outlet of heat transfer oil riser in asphalt tank shall be closed.

In addition to the temperature control, the asphalt tank of asphalt mixing plant must be handled carefully in the process of maintenance to prevent scalding. In addition, the connecting flange and slide way should be checked regularly to avoid leakage of asphalt tank.

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