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Standard production capacity of intermittent asphalt concrete mixing plant

The standard capacity of intermittent asphalt mixing plant is illustrated by taking the 4000-type batch asphalt mixing plant as an example. At present, the intermittent asphalt mixing plants in mainstream use are roughly divided into LB2000, LB3000, LB4000, LB5000, etc. according to their production capacity. The thousand-digit integer (2000\3000\4000\5000) in the model refers to each plate in the mixing tank.


The standard mass in kilograms,LB4000 means that the standard asphalt mixture is 4000kg per plate and so on.

The standard quality of each plate is determined, and the factor that determines the size of the capacity is the production cycle. According to Article 5.4.11 of "Technical Specification for Construction of Highway Asphalt Pavements" (JTG F40-2004), the mixing time of asphalt mixture is determined by trial mixing according to specific conditions, with the degree of asphalt being uniformly coated with aggregate.


The production cycle of each plate of the batch mixer should not be less than 45s (the dry mixing time should not be less than 5~10s). The mixing time of modified asphalt and SMA mixture should be appropriately extended.

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