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Analysis of Thermal Efficiency of Drying Drum of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Drying Technology has been applied widely in various industries and fields.Dry is also one of the largest energy-consumin and the most polluting in industry production.


Therefore scientific and technical workers are paying more attention to drying equipment of saving energy and environment protection in today's society.

This is the most common drying equipment--rotary-drum dryer.It was widely applied in asphalt mixing plant, was also called drying drum.Drying drum is a critical part of asphalt mixing plant, it is also one of the key equipments in pavement construction. Its main purpose is to dry asphalt mixture of moisture and heated to construction specified temperature.

The burmners produce the burning flame and heat in pavement construction. It usually used counter-current heating and the exhaust gas is vented to atmosphere through dust removal. The energy consumption and pollution emissions is a problem that is exigent to be solved in modem pavement construction industry.

Analyzes the development situation of domestic and foreign drying drum reference for the related technologies at home and abroad using the batch asphalt plant on the market as the research subject.

Finally according to the theoretical analysis and the numerical simulation resultredesign and optimized the structure of the drying drum.this paper can provide some guidance to study the rotary drying drumraise the heat efficiency saving energy and reducing emissions.

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