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Detailed Introduction Of The Control System Of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Sinoroader Asphalt Mixing Plant Control System is composed of two Dell business jets or a self-developed control system (master-slave control, dual machine hot backup can be realized), and the core system of the lower machine is equipped with 16-bit Mitsubishi S7300 PLC. AD module + high-speed transmission module is used to collect weighing signals to ensure the accuracy of ingredients. 

This system is used in the LB series asphalt mixing plant produced by our company.It is used to construct highways, airports, dams and other places. It has a humanized operation interface, complete production data management, query and other functions. Real-time display of various data and animation display equipment operation and batching workflow during the production batching process. It has the characteristics of quick entry, simple and convenient, friendly man-machine interface, reliable operation and high precision of ingredients.


The computer is the human-machine dialogue of the entire control system, which mainly realizes the start and stop control of the equipment (issuing control commands)\Real-time monitoring of the operating conditions of the equipment (including the dynamic display of production ingredients, the real-time data and feeding amount of each ingredient, the valve stroke display...), Data management (user authority management), recipe management, production management (production parameters, control parameters, batching parameters), production reports (daily production reports, comprehensive production reports), production record management, and storage of production data, query and print various reports . The computer control system mainly includes computers, display devices, UPS, printers, serial port cards, etc.


The strong electric cabinet adopts the foreign standard cabinet mode, which has strong anti-interference ability. The power distribution cabinet is mainly installed with components such as air circuit breakers, contactors, thermal relays, frequency converters, and mutual inductor trunking terminals. The door panel is equipped with a temperature controller, a phase change switch, etc.Electric configures imported, joint venture or domestic brand products according to user needs.

The circuit design and selection conform to electrical standards, the device installation layout is reasonable, the wiring is neat, and the maintenance is convenient.

The operating table adopts the humanized design style of piano-shaped integration. Computers, monitors, control panels, printers and other components are placed on the part of the panel of the host. All the buttons are installed on the protruding part of the control panel. The Chinese logo is etched on the panel, which is intuitive and durable.

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