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Temperature Control and Requirements for Normal Mixing of Asphalt Mixture

Control of mixing temperature In order to make the asphalt mixture have good workability and uniformity during paving operation, the mixed asphalt mixture should have a working temperature of 140℃~160and a precise mixing ratio. Generally, the asphalt should be heated to a working temperature of 140℃~160to ensure sufficient fluidity. The sand and gravel (aggregate) must be dried and heated to a temperature of 160℃~200to ensure that it is well wrapped by the asphalt. Cover and bond together. For modified asphalt, the mixing and compaction temperature of the mixture should be appropriately increased according to the type and amount of modifier. For most polymer modified asphalt, it is necessary to increase the temperature by 15~30on the basis of base asphalt. When adding fiber, it still needs to increase by about 10°C.


The control of the uniformity of the mixing. During the operation of the asphalt mixing equipment, the storage of the silo should be checked frequently. If the storage materials in each bucket are found to be unbalanced, the machine should be stopped in time to prevent the storage bins from being full or the storage bins are chained. The quantity of each component in each batch should be set strictly according to the production mix ratio, accurately weighed according to the mass ratio or volume ratio, and the mixing time should be strictly controlled. The mixing time is related to the type of mixture. The mixing time of each pot of intermittent mixing equipment is generally controlled at 30-50s (of which dry mixing should not be less than 5s).


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