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What is the difference between coal tar pitch, petroleum pitch and natural pitch?
1. Difference in purpose
The purpose of coal tar pitch is that coal tar is an important raw material for the production of plastics, synthetic fibers, dyes, rubber, medicine, high temperature resistant materials, etc. it can be used to synthesize pesticides, saccharin, dyes, drugs and other industrial products.
Petroleum asphalt is mainly used as basic construction materials, raw materials and fuels. Its application scope is such as transportation (road, railway, aviation, etc.), construction industry, agriculture, water conservancy engineering, industry (mining and manufacturing), civil and other departments.

Natural asphalt is mainly used for modifying or blending asphalt of high-grade highway asphalt, drilling additives or preparing special asphalt with high softening point. As a green, low-carbon and environment-friendly new material, natural asphalt will be widely popularized and used in road construction at all levels.


2. Difference in meaning
Coal tar pitch is one of the main products of coal tar processing. It is the residue after distillation of coal tar.
Petroleum asphalt is a product of crude oil processing. It is a viscous liquid, semi-solid or solid at room temperature. It mainly contains hydrocarbons and non hydrocarbon derivatives soluble in trichloroethylene. Its properties and composition change with different crude oil sources and production methods.

Natural asphalt is formed by the long-term compression of the earth's crust and the gradual change of oil in contact with air and water. It exists in natural form, in which a certain proportion of minerals are often mixed. According to the formation environment, it can be divided into rock asphalt, lake asphalt, seabed asphalt, etc.

3. Classification differences
Coal tar pitch can be divided into low temperature pitch, medium temperature pitch and high temperature pitch according to the different softening point.
Petroleum asphalt is divided into straight run asphalt, solvent deoiled asphalt, oxidized asphalt, blended asphalt, emulsified asphalt, modified asphalt, etc; It can be divided into liquid asphalt, solid asphalt, diluent, emulsion, modifier, etc; It can be divided into road asphalt, construction asphalt, waterproof and moisture-proof asphalt, various special asphalt named after purpose or function, etc.
According to the formation environment, natural asphalt can be divided into rock asphalt, lake asphalt, seabed asphalt, etc. Rock asphalt is often produced in rock cracks or mixed in soil. Rock asphalt is a natural asphalt formed by the long-term evaporation and solidification of oil emerging from the earth's crust and existing in mountains and rock fissures. Lake asphalt is a natural accumulation of asphalt, which is mixed with clay and water into emulsion, mostly in the form of lake.
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