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How to clean asphalt mixing equipment
1. Cleaning of mixing host and unloading hopper
(1) When the production is completed or the machine is shut down for more than half an hour, the mixer should be cleaned. After the material is finished every day, the accumulated material in the mixer should be thoroughly cleaned. In the process of washing with water, it can be mixed with about 500kg of crushed stone, so that it can be washed more cleanly.
(2) After the mixer discharge door is opened, it will always be in the open state. At this time, the mixer discharge door can be manually opened and closed according to the needs, so as to fully clean the mixer door.

(3)If the downtime is more than a week, the materials in each measuring hopper, such as cement, water, admixtures and various aggregates, must be emptied, and the unloading hopper must be cleaned to avoid material hardening.


2. Cleaning of belt conveyor
(1) Cleaning of rollers and idlers. Frequently clean up the accumulated material on the roller and idler. Excessive accumulation will affect the operation of the belt and cause the belt to deviate.
(2) Maintenance of sand scraping device. Regularly check the wear degree of the sand scraping device, and replace the sand scraping device in time when it is worn to a certain extent.
(3) Replacement of rubber rib. The rubber rib is seriously worn, and should be replaced in time when material is spilled, including the rubber rib of the hopper and the rubber rib of the belt.
3. Cleaning of powder tank
Before pumping the powder, start the vibrator of the tank dust collector for 1 to 2 minutes, and report the dust accumulation on the filter element of the dust collector. After the pumping is completed, turn on the tank top dust collector for 1-2 minutes to shake off the accumulated dust. In addition, the filter element and safety valve of the dust collector need to be cleaned regularly. During the washing operation, the feed pipe should be vibrated and cleaned to ensure the smooth flow of the pipe.
Don't ignore these cleaning tasks because you are afraid of trouble, do a good job of daily cleaning, develop good habits, keep the equipment of the concrete mixing plant clean, increase the service life of the equipment of the concrete mixing plant, and at the same time will not delay the progress of the project as scheduled.
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