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What are the advantages of emulsified asphalt?
The so-called emulsified asphalt is an oil-in-water asphalt emulsion formed by thermally melting the asphalt and dispersing it in an aqueous solution containing an emulsifier in the state of fine particles. It has good fluidity at room temperature.

Emulsified asphalt has the following advantages:


(1) Cold construction is possible. Emulsified asphalt does not need heating when used for road construction and other purposes. It can be directly mixed with aggregates, or directly sprayed, or sprayed on the surface of aggregates and other objects. It is convenient for construction, saves energy, reduces pollution, and improves working conditions. At the same time, the heating times of the asphalt are reduced, and the thermal aging of the asphalt is alleviated.

(2) It can enhance the adhesion and mixing uniformity of asphalt and aggregate, and save 10%-20% of asphalt.
(3) The construction season can be extended, and the construction can still be carried out when the temperature is 5-10 °C.
(4) The use of asphalt can be expanded. In addition to being widely used in road engineering, it is also used in building roofs and caverns waterproofing, metal surface anticorrosion, agricultural soil improvement and plant health, the overall track bed of railways, and desert sand fixation.
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