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(RAP)Recycle/ Reclaimed Asphalt Plant | Hot Asphalt Mix Plant


Saving Fuel
Minimal Pollutants
Full Automatic Control Air Flow
High Eenergy
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(RAP)Recycle/ Reclaimed Asphalt Plant | Hot Asphalt Mix Plant
RLB Series adds hot recycled equipment on LB Series; by using hot recycling technology, recycled old mixtures (RAP) are conveyed into mixer and mixed with aggregate and filler to produce new finished mixture with good quality. RLB Series can fully make use of old mixtures, save fuel and material, reduce pollution and waste, bring better economic and environmental benefits for clients.On the basis of many years of experience in construction experience and absorbed advanced experience at home and abroad,SINOROADER Asphalt Recycling Mixing Plant(RAP)series has solved the big problem of adhesion which the asphalt regenerated material in the recycling operation for the normal additional asphalt though independent innovation research and development. Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant.,Drum Mix Asphalt Plant,Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant,Asphalt Hot Mix Plant,Recycle Asphalt Plant.
Main Features:
1. Saving fuel: high performance burner, full combustion; optimized drying drum, hot air recycled before exhaust, higher heat utilization rate;
2. Minimal pollutants: asphalt fumes and harmful gas recycled into drying drum and burn again, reducing harmful fume emission; multi-stage dust collecting system, reducing dust emission;
3. Full automatic control by the computer on the air flow through the control of the dampers and the temperature monitoring by the thermometer at various positions, bringing the recycled material to the ideal temperature for the mixing with the virgin material; avoiding aging asphalt or asphalt burning;
4.Recycled asphalt proportion reaches up to 50%.
Sinoroader | RAP Feeder
All silos are equipped with belt feeders controlled with the frequency converting motor, which can realize single silo adjusting and entire silos proportioning adjusting, ensures measuring precision and low energy consumption. Tail and directive wheels are specially designed self-cleaning type. A vibrator on sand bin wall ensures feeding reliability. The rubber is covered on the surfaces of driving wheels to prevent wheel-spin.
Sinoroader | RAP Elevator
The hot elevator is used for feeding  aggregate to screens.The housing is fully-enclosed and dust-proof, which can protect the integrity of the dried aggregate. The steel buckets with reinforced edge are set to convey the aggregate.The chain of it is wear-resistant, so it can prolong service life.
Sinoroader | RAP Dryer Drum
The drying drum of the recycled material is specially designed to prevent the mixture from sticking.The external insulating  layer and the specially designed blades ensure that maximum heat is transferred to the aggregate. The thermal efficiency is high and the exhaust temperature at the end of the cylinder is below 120 degree. The world advanced burner is adopted. The usable fuel includes diesel, heavy oil, residual oil, gas, coal and so on. All components of the advanced in-fared temperature measuring and controlling system are imported from famous overseas companies to ensure the temperature control accuracy and reliability.
Model RAP60 RAP80 RAP120 RAP160
Capacity(RAP process) 60 t/h 80 t/h 120 t/h 160 t/h
Fuel Consumption Coal: 13~15 kg/t; Diesel: 6~8 kg/t
Installed Power(RAP equipment) 130 kW 170 kW 230 kW 280 kW

Matched asphalt

plant and

max. RAP


LB1200 50% / / /
LB1500 40% / / /
LB2000 30% 50% / /
LB3000 / 33% 50% /
LB4000 / 25% 37% 50%

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do you have any cost effective method of replacing an asphalt surface with minimal investment?

2020-03-17 09:25
A Asphalt milling is a process whereby the existing asphalt surface is removed and replaced with the recycled asphalt. Here’s how the process works. A grinding machine removes the asphalt base. The old asphalt is then loaded into a truck and transported to an asphalt recycling plant. The recycled asphalt is put back on the road surface.

Q Where is your Reclaimed asphalt equipment located?i m interested

2020-03-14 09:30
A thanks for your mesaage! we are the manufacturer and supplier in China.

Q How long is the warranty time of the asphalt mixing plant?

2020-03-03 10:06
A 15 months

Q Does recycled asphalt need to be sealed?

2020-01-16 09:56
A This is simply not the case, and with regular crack repair and sealcoating, it can hold up to the elements. Just as in the case of new asphalt, recycled asphalt should be sealed every two to three years, and cracks should be sealed on an ongoing, regular basis.

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