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What are Structural Failure Cracks?
December 30, 2022

1. The structural failure cracks of asphalt pavement are mainly caused by the traffic load. Under the action of the wheel load, when the tensile strength of the semi-rigid base material is greater than that, the bottom of the semi-rigid base will crack quickly. Under the repeated action of traffic load, the cracks at the bottom will gradually expand to the upper part, and the asphalt pavement will also be cracked and damaged. The main factors affecting the tensile stress are the thickness of the surface layer, the thickness of the base layer itself, the elastic modulus of the base layer and the elastic modulus of the underlying layer. Different thicknesses of asphalt pavement and semi-rigid base were selected, and the relationship curve between the tensile stress at the bottom of the semi-rigid base and the elastic modulus of the semi-rigid material was obtained through experiments.


2. Using a semi-rigid material as the sub-base under the semi-rigid base can significantly reduce the tensile stress on the bottom surface of the base due to the traffic load, even less than the tensile stress generated by the bottom of the semi-rigid sub-base, which can withstand the driving load on the semi-rigid base Repeated action of load is very beneficial.

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