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What are the operating points when using a small asphalt mixer?
February 14, 2023

When making asphalt, asphalt mixers are often used. This kind of equipment can meet the processing and production needs of a large number of asphalt raw materials. The quality of the asphalt materials produced is guaranteed, and it can also achieve better application effects. Now people are interested in asphalt mixing equipment. The application situation is very important. In order to make the application of equipment meet the requirements of different industries, the classification of equipment has also begun to increase, and the application of small asphalt mixing equipment has been recognized by a large number of users.


Compared with asphalt mixing equipment with relatively large specifications and models, small equipment is actually relatively limited in terms of output, so this equipment is only suitable for industries that do not require high processing output. Usually, when using asphalt mixing equipment , it is necessary to place the equipment in a stable area first, and then check and operate the equipment according to the correct process method.
When using a small asphalt mixer, in order to make the operation process safer and more reliable, safety protection devices are added to the equipment, so that people can avoid danger when processing and producing through asphalt mixing equipment. When the asphalt mixing equipment is started, it will run in a certain order. At this time, the staff need to check whether the running direction of the equipment is normal. The indicating direction will be set in the equipment. It is necessary to consider whether the wiring of the motor is correct.
At present, the application of small asphalt mixers is very common, and we need to understand the above application knowledge.
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