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What problems should be paid attention to during the disassembly and assembly of asphalt mixing equipment?
March 22, 2023
In fact, after the completion of our work objectives, we must dismantle the asphalt mixing plant within a certain period of time. So, what aspects should we pay attention to during the disassembly operation? Let's take a look at the main content.

First of all, we must make corresponding preparations. This is because the equipment is relatively complex and occupies a large area. Before disassembly, a feasible disassembly plan must be formulated according to the site and the specific conditions of the site. Secondly, we must also conduct comprehensive and systematic training and communication to other employees involved in dismantling operations. Draw up drawings according to the layout design scheme of asphalt mixing plant for reference during installation.


In the specific situation of disassembly and assembly, it must be noted that it must be carried out in accordance with the planned standards, and the asphalt mixing plant must be disassembled according to regulations. Make appropriate adjustments in case of special circumstances to prevent damage.
In the process of disassembly and assembly, common tools are used for actual operation, and destructive disassembly and assembly are not allowed. All disassembled parts are prevented from being messed up and lost, jeopardizing the application of the asphalt mixing plant.
As a staff member, all disassembled parts must pay attention to regular inspection and cleaning, but also need to do a good job of anti-rust treatment. After the disassembly work is completed, the equipment site should be cleaned and tidy.
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